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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  February 8, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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hey, o'reilly here, why is nancy pelosi dodging us? >> i know you're a woman of your word and i'm asking if you're going to be honoring your commitment. >> and convincing the congresswoman to honor her word, you want to see this on the next facto factor. from the world headquarters of fox news, it's "the kelly file" with megyn kelly. good evening everyone, and welcome, i'm megyn kelly, this is a "kelly file" special, what is ailing obamacare. and for months we've tracked the issues for the biggest launch of medical health care, and as a result the massive overhaul was sold to the country with these
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basic promises. >> you have health insurance, you like your doctor, you like your plan, you can keep your doctor or your plan. >> you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. period. >> if you like your health care plan you will be able to keep your health care plan, period. if you like your health care plan you can keep that, too. if you like your doctor you keep your doctor. if you like your current insurance you keep that insurance, period. end of story. now the naysayers and the c ynics still doubt us. >> we learned none of that was true. more than 6 million people were kicked off of the plans they liked before the white house asked them to just ignore the law. the president's promise now known as the 2013 political lie of the year. the problems started last october with a website that did not work. just six people were able to sign up on day one.
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health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius had to admit they never completely tested the system and could not tell congress how many people had signed up or how many had paid into the enrollment process. when they could report the numbers they were desperately behind their goals. and as recently as last week the president quoted the enrollment figures that had been discredited by the major media outlets and fact checkers. there were major website problems and problems with high deductibles for those who are able to sign up. then just this week a congressional budget office report found that when all is said and done obamacare will wind up providing insurance for roughly 16 million americans while leaving another 31 million uninsured. for for all the turmoil, change, and expense the best case result of this bill now law is that two
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thirds of americans uninsured will still have no health insurance. so we decided to investigate. where does this go? what happens next? what can be fixed and what cannot? we begin with michael canon, director of health studies, good to see you again, that number, that only 16 million people i should say are going to be insured and 31 million will be left uninsured. and a large portion of the 16 million who will be insured thanks to this law already had had insurance before obamacare. they just shuffled the deck chairs on it, your take. >> all obama's numbers are headed in the wrong direction. the numbers for this year in the exchanges and medicaid expansion have gone down by 20, 25, 38%, the number of people uninsured
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this will be 50% more than projected last year. this is a target population that this law is supposed to help. >> and how do the uninsured not like obamacare? >> well, look at what has happened. the president promised people could keep their health insurance. the president promised to keep the numbers down, all sorts of things, we'll have the website up and running so you can buy health insurance first with all types of subsidies. all of these things have been shown to be false. the president broke all of these promises. so the uninsured are thinking, the government is telling me buy this health insurance or else i will pay a fine. if they're forcing me to buy it -- >> and now they're getting to where the fine will be relevant, the uninsured are going to have to pay the fine if they don't wind up signing up. let me ask you this, at its
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core, the success of this law will come down to whether they get the right mix of people signing up on the exchange, and the state exchanges. and thus far we have been told they're not getting it. they're not getting the right percentage of young, healthy people. originally they said well, we need about 40% or so of the sign-ups to be these young, healthy people and then they didn't get anywhere near that. they were down in the 20s. and then they said oh, forget it. why aren't the young people wanting it when everybody around them is saying you should want it? >> well, for one thing with a all the broken promises and the higher premiums, the fact that this law has become something of a joke. they don't want to spend a lot of time on the website trying to buy an unattractive plan. but i think the most important thing we've seen about the numbers is we've only seen the share versus the young. you need to have a lot -- within
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every age stratum you need to have a lot of healthy people offsetting the cost of covering the sick people in that age range. we don't know what the health profile is of the people who are signing up. we just know that they're older than expected. they probably will also be sicker than expected. and one more thing about how the young and/or healthy will behave under this law when they realize that obamacare has made it easier than ever, safer than ever not to buy health insurance. they're going to have a hard time keeping young and healthy people in these plans because they will realize you know what? i'll stop paying my premiums, i'll still have coverage for a month because obamacare requires that. and if i can make it until next year i can just buy insurance during the open enrollment period because i can't be turned away. >> i can't be turned away because of prior conditions, michael, good to see you. well, all the issues with enrollments, issues, plans,
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sounds like a wonky exercise in insurance 101, but this stuff is having a real impact in the lives of a lot of workers. this ceo went on line and claimed the obamacare would increase its insurance costs by $7 million a year. >> in the ceo chair let me give you an example of the decisions we have to make as a company. obamacare is an zashl $7.1 million expense for us as a company. so we have to decide whether or not to pass that expense to employees or whether to cut other benefits. >> and that is just one big firm. small businesses are facing even more dramatic challenges. david allen runs a medical billing firm in boulder, colorado, when he went to move his employees onto a state exchange plan he was looking at either a 52% hike in their premiums or telling the staff they faced a big jump in their possible out of pocket costs. david joins us now with the rest of his story. thank you for joining us. david, you have a business that
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has under 50 employees so it is not required to get insurance for you know its employees. why did you decide to look into this? >> well, we've provided health insurance for employees for many years. long before the government said that they expected us to do this we've taken this burden upon ourselves. because quite frankly we can. and we feel that it is the right thing to do. so you know regardless of the number of employees that we have this is a commitment that we've made to our employees. the problem is that it is getting harder and harder to keep that commitment because of the excessive increase in the premiums as a direct result of the affordable care act. >> so you're there. you're employing these 34 people or so and decide to give them health coverage because you're a kind boss who believes in insuring your people. and sort of just sitting there minding your own business your premiums get jacked up as a result of the law. by how much? >> 52.3% to be exact.
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>> and so what, as a business man, how do you evaluate that? >> well, you can't. i mean, obviously, a 52.3% increase is unmanageable. i mean, this is my second highest expense item after personnel. so i can't pass along to my clients. i can't absorb it. it is really unmanageable. so you know we did the only thing that we could do under the circumstances. we renewed early. you know, the stipulations under the affordable care act are for plans under 2014 and forward. so we renewed -- >> yeah, you got sort of a one-year grace period but this problem, you're coming up on this problem. so what will you all eventually decide to do? you're going to raise the premiums? are you going to fire people? what are you going to do? >> well, the jury is still out on that. and we're certainly hopeful that someone in washington will develop some common sense and come back with some alternatives
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that enable us to do what we need and want to be able to do for our employees. short of them coming back and offering any concessions such as allowing us to keep the health insurance plan that we had in light, and would have preferred to have kept. short of that we'll end up either having to pass along a substantial portion of the increase to our employees or we'll have to increase the deductibles or make some other substantive change. because you know again, i simply can't absorb that increase. and i don't have the luxury of passing it along to my clients. so you know one way or the other my employees will inevitably end up participating at a higher level financially going forward if we don't get some kind of relief from the federal government. >> we've heard that story time and time again. david, all the best to you. well, thank you very much. >> we're also hearing similar stories and similar challenges for people who buy insurance directly from their exchanges as
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opposed to their employer. and he signed up, learn iing th doctor who was treating his cancer was not part of his new plan. and in california, the l.a. times did a feature story on a woman who got coverage on the state exchange after previously being denied for a pre-existing condition. good news, except for when she went to see the specialist for numbness in her arms the doctor wouldn't take the plan, or the next one, or the next one after that. of course if she were watching the kelly file back in november she would have seen this prediction from the head of the large doctor's group based in california. >> so what will happen then for those californians who find themselves in a place where there is no choice but to deal with the exchange. >> well, we're in a situation where the physicians are making a decision whether or not to participate. and by plans, only contracting with a smaller number of doctors
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for some of the exchange products. if you put enough people in those plans and don't have enough doctors participating you end up with a bottle neck, which means you're not doing what this was all about, improving access to care. >> trace gallagher joins us with more from l.a., trace? >> and so megyn, the mantra might now be if you thought you kept your doctor you may want to double check. you have thousands of doctors leaving the health care exchanges. they are opting out because the reimbursement rates are simply too low. for example, we know an orthopedic specialist who performed a surgery and was paid a few hundred dollars, not enough to cover his expenses, so he opted out. in early 2012 a doctor who wants to remain anonymous was sent a contract from blue shield saying quoting here, your participation
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under the development of blue shield will require you to sign the agreement. well, the doctor didn't sign the agreement because he didn't want to be in the network. in october of 2012, blue shield sends another letter saying quote, your completion of the agreement is critical to accessing these new business opportunities yet we've not received your signed agreement. well, because they didn't receive it because the doctor doesn't want to be in that network. three weeks later he gets a third letter. this one says quote, we are writing to inform you we plan to include you in our practice in the individual exchange network. so now he is in, even though he didn't sign up and the doctor can't get out. he actually had to pay a lawyer several thousand dollars to get him off the list. and dr. mark siegal says this is part and parcel of what is happening across the entire country, listen. >> the whole goal of obamacare was to provide care for people
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who didn't have it. but the narrow networks are going to create a situation where those who need care the most may not be able to get it because their doctor is not participating. because they can't find a hospital that provides the service. so the end result will be people not getting care they need. >> and the bottom line here is that most people will not find out that their doctor is not in their network, megyn, until they actually need to use that doctor. >> all right, trace, thank you. well, when the reports of problems with the exchange plans first came up we asked for e-mails, tweets or personal experiences on our facebook page and we're still collecting them. if you follow me on twitter it is @megynkelly. this family lives in lincoln, nebraska, mom and dad are self-employed and they signed up for a platinum level plan on the exchange. once they confirmed they were in fact covered they cancelled their old insurance and
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everything was fine, they thought until their son tore a ligament and needed medical attention. well, when the pharmacist told them they had no insurance, things got more complex from there. samantha peace is with us now, so you were one of the people who believed you were covered, or to be more specific your children were not, the pharmacist says what to you? sorry, ma'am, there is no record of any coverage for you? >> yes, that is exactly what they said. and i was extremely shocked. and i have spent the past three weeks talking to senators and congressmen, and health and human services and no one seems to be able to figure out how to get my children back on the plan. >> i am just curious, this is such a mess for so many people. when you find out they insured half your family and none of your children who do you call?
10:16 pm
like how do you start that process? >> that is a very good question. i started off with calling, and then i called senator fortenberry -- or congressman fortenberry's office. e-mailed the white house. i tried to reach out to any representative that would help me. and they have tried to find people who could help me and steer me to the state insurance department and eventually to health and human services. they want to push everyone onto medicaid. all of these children onto medicaid and i just refuse for my children to go on medicaid. >> so hhs's response is just put your children on medicaid and for you that is not an acceptable option. why? >> not at all. i don't want to be on public assistance. and actually, almost every person at every corner has asked me to be on medicaid just to have my children insured. and i said absolutely not.
10:17 pm
i signed up for a platinum plan and i will have them insured under that. i did have to go out and get another private insurance plan so i am paying two premiumsnow. >> this is just flabbergasting to me, samantha, here we are after the abobotched rollout pl here you are trying to get the plan. and people ask you about it., what do you say? >> well, is a complete nightmare. i have probably spent 20 hours talking to them on the phone or on with their chat. and everybody knows a different thing, but nobody understood my case or knew what was going on. and nobody can help me. i mean, i talked to someone representing the white house, senators, congressmen and nobody knows the answer. it is because it is a problem with the law so my children still don't have health care through the platinum plan. >> this is unbelievable.
10:18 pm
we're going to continue to follow your story and i hope you stay in touch with us to let us know how it goes. this should not have to happen, you should not have to contact your senator and the congressman and the white house and the health and human services department in order to get health care coverage that you paid for, for your children. >> i know. >> thank you, samantha, all the best to you. >> that is very true. thank you. >> can you believe this, people? can you imagine having to go through that? that is outrageous. send me your thoughts on and of course there are the ongoing security issues with, we'll take a look at those, plus? >> a look at the white house in damage control mode and what this means for the 2014 mid-term. and a marketing blip, first keg stands and pajama boy, now, talking pets.
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>> and you tell us to roll, the caption says ♪ that takes a lot of work so you better stay fit ♪ so sign up today enroll ♪ enroll today because we love you and we need you ♪ >> oh, my god, it's come to that. talking pets are now the latest obamacare brand representatives. that is real. but they're just one part of what has become a long-running series of shall we call them unique attempts.
10:23 pm
fitness fanatic richard simmons lent a hand with dance moves. and by the way, this is said to cost in excess of a million dollars. and there is the campaign using the so-called mom jeans to break through to parents. or this guy, known as pajama boy, he was out to get people talking health care through the holidays and mostly got people talking flannel. washington has budgeted $684 million for marketing, advertising and awareness campaigns in just the first year. ebony williams is a political analyst and a trial attorney. ebony, if the law is so grand why must we spend so much money to make people like it? >> well, these ads are really right and really wrong. so we know there is a need to promote and advertise the specifics on the health care law. now --
10:24 pm
>> would you look at what is on the screen to your side? what is happening? >> sure. it is mocking, it is really ridiculous, right, megyn, we have to laugh at that. because it is like dumbing down something that is very serious, actually. and it is very smart to narrowly target women because we are vessels who carry these long-term important issues to our family. but they're just going about it all wrong. megyn, we are too busy and don't have time for the silly antics. >> it is like the tortoise told me to do it. and therefore i will do it. the pajama boy didn't do it, the mom jeans didn't work on me, but that little bull dog? yeah, that is going to do it. you know, i get that -- most people, the people who are not buying according to the numbers, are not buying, some of them because they don't understand that the coverage will be subsidized and it may be less expensive than they think it is going to be.
10:25 pm
so this is suggesting this, it is great, but it is making a mockery of a law. >> again, this is where the advertising misses the mark, megyn. if you're going to try to promote this to millennials, right, 18 to 35? we like things that are hip, hot and cool. there is nothing cool about flannels or richard simmons >> richard? >> there is nothing cool about a young, grown man in flannels, or richard simmons doing ridiculous stretching. and it is not important, megyn, as you point out you're not letting people know if you don't enroll by march 31st, you will have a real life financial penalty coming your way. so it is really not getting the important things out there. it will be having -- affected in that way. >> with all due respect to richard, who i think is fabulous, if you want to appeal to millennials, why not appeal to the younger people with somebody like beyonce? it may not work in today's news
10:26 pm
cycle. richard appeals to my generation and the one that precedes mine, not so much the 20-year-olds. >> i think he misses your vote, for sure, but it is misguided. in the way it went about -- we're past people just generally talking about obamacare. we're far past that. too much money has been spent. we're to far in the game for that type of promotion. we need specifics. there was really an opportunity to do that and they missed the boat. and personally i was disappointed to see that. >> we look at samantha, our last guest, is she going to buy it because she sees the bull dog? ebony, great to see you, i'll see you soon. and the white house has had its hands full managing the rollout of obamacare, and it looks like they have kept the website from collapse but has it permanently wounded the president's correct?
10:27 pm
that is next. plus, what happens in very tight races when we come back. ? that is next. plus, what happens in very tight races when we come back. ? that is next. plus, what happens in very tight races when we come back. ? that is next. plus, what happens in very tight races when we come back. ? that is next. plus, what happens in very so, i'm working on a cistern intake valve, and the guy hands me a locknut wrench. no way!
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file special, what is ailing obamacare? we detailed earlier how some 6 million americans lost their headline insurance last fall, kicked off what the white house called sub standard plans or at least they were about to lose that. the problems with each cancellation report came new political heat for the administration. and the president finally stepped in and told the insurance companies to ignore the law requiring them to cancel the policies. everybody was given a one-year grace period or at least was encouraged to. and we learned the white house may try to extend it through 2016. and this is just the latest in a set of twists and turns that have kept the white house press corp very busy this fall and winter. chief white house correspondent ed henry has more. >> reporter: megyn, good to see you, it is important to know what is driving all this action
10:32 pm
and potentially more tweaks to the president's health care law. it is the election coming up. and there is a lot of pressure on democrats particularly in the senate if the president were to lose control of the senate. then he likely would have neither chamber and his final two years in office would be that much harder to implement this law and deal with other issues like immigration reform. bottom line, i spoke to an insurance industry official, a top one, who said in private conversations the officials are saying they're concerned when the president tweaked the plans late last year, it was only extending them. if you like your plan you can keep them for a year. so what will happen in september, october, right on the eve of the elections those plans will run out again and people will get the rate charges that tell them what they cost if they want to keep the plans. the rates could be going up. that is one reason it is driving the potential exchange, extending the plans for three years. what is interesting in context, we have to note the president has a better story to tell, the website is being fixed.
10:33 pm
more people are being enrolled. but the more he tweaks this, the more questions are being asked. if it is going so well why do you keep changing it? we heard speaker boehner saying if you keep changing it we don't know what it is in it. so we're not going to pass immigration reform because the president could keep tweaking that, megyn. >> ed, thank you. as the president is looking tonight at problems with the website, we keep seeing his numbers going down, with the polls people continuing to lose trust in the president and here is part of the reason. recently when bill o'reilly pushed the president on his health care, here was the response. >> we're about a month of where we need to be. we have over 6 million people signing up for medicaid. >> that is just not true. as we reported earlier, "the
10:34 pm
washington post" reported otherwise. three pinocchios pointed out people were just enrolling in the medicaid plan they had for years. it had nothing to do with the obamacare plan. maybe, one to two million are sign-ups. not six million. and then there was this. >> so when i said you can keep your health care, i'm looking at folks who have employer-based health care. i'm looking at folks who have medicare and medicaid and that accounts for the vast majority of americans. >> but the new report says at least six million people will be losing their plans at work in the coming years. and even that number may be too low. duke university just released a report suggesting 44% of u.s. firms, 44%, are considering cutting care to current workers. current workers. but the big problem for the president is this. >> if you like your doctor you will be able to keep your doctor. period. if you like your doctor or health care provider you can keep them. if you have health insurance, you like your doctor, you like your plan you can keep your
10:35 pm
doctor. you can keep your plan. nobody is talking about taking that away from you. >> well, that broken promise has continued to cost the white house politically in the last few months and it is not just the white house. joining me now, chris stirewalt, our fox news digital politics editor. chris, good to see you, so the big question is now how these democrats who now not only ran on this law or voted for this law, and embraced it are going to somehow distance themselves from it going into the 2014 mid-terms when the latest polls show 51% of the country disapproves of the law. just 38.3% of the country approves it. >> well, now counsel, can i put a little finer point on it than that? which was it was not a broken promise. it was a lie. it has been called that. and i think we can all conclusively say, that if
10:36 pm
the president didn't know, at least everybody around him knew that was not true as he was saying. and as he was getting the law passed that was central to the law, and as he was running on re-election on the promise that you could trust him with a second term in office, because he would make good on those promises. what we see now, and it is hard to tell when it happens day in and day out but when you look over the longer arc of this, what you see is a president who was previously thought of not being good as a property but as a trustworthy, honorable person is not seen that way anymore. and now both his policies and character are in doubt. and what that means is, as you rightly point out, how can you now trust obama democrats or any kind of democrats, anybody who voted for this law when they say i know it has not been right. and i know we haven't done it right but this time we're really going to make it okay. >> yes, and on everything ed was pointing out on health care and immigration it costs them with
10:37 pm
their trust credibility with the public. now in the wake of that lie of the year, by the president. on health care. he comes out and keeps giving the 6 million people enrolled in medicaid numbers. you and i have been through this repeatedly. it is not true. it is just not true. and he can sit there and look at bill and say six million people have enrolled in medicaid thanks to this law. that is not true. and kathleen sebelius had come out early on and said success will be defined under this law if we get 7 million people signed up under by the end of march. that success, 7 million is not going to happen. and so now they're doing reversal of the administration pretending they never said that. listen to these two sound bites. >> i think success looks like at least 7 million people having signed up by the end of march 2014. >> well, that was never our
10:38 pm
target. seeing it from a congressional budget office, it is an accepted number. there is no magic to the 7 million. >> that was never our number. what? >> well, and how about this? this is where we get into the alternate reality. so the alternate reality in obama land is now critics of the law, any criticism of the law is not valid because it is not coming from democrats. and that is a dangerous place for them and for the country. >> chris, good to see you. you bet. well, aggressive political attack ads are hitting the air waves targeting vulnerable democrats who supported obamacare. >> mr. president, america needs jobs, not spins, no more lies, no more failures, call president obama and tell him his health law is not working. and we don't want to be trapped in it any longer.
10:39 pm
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well, the problems with the obamacare rollout have handed the republicans at least an early edge in the 2014 mid-terms. and now they look at the broken promises of if you like your plan you can keep your doctor. here is just a taste of that. >> call president obama and tell him his health law is not working. and we don't want to be trapped in it any longer. tell the senator it is time to be honest. obamacare doesn't work. congressman ron barber supports obamacare. tell congressman barber obamacare is hurting arizona families, they deserve better. we deserve better. >> tell kay hagan she just doesn't get it. tell kay hagan obamacare hurts north carolina. >> tell congressman braylee obamacare is hurting iowa families and we deserve better. >> joining me now, tucker carlson and joe trippi, joe, as
10:44 pm
the democrat on this, somebody who advises people for a living in political campaigns, do you think the democrats are worried about this? >> of course they are. it is clear that this has hurt the president's credibility. hurt his numbers, dragged his favorability down. and that drags democrats down. it is the same regardless of who is president, if you have a president whose popularity has fallen whether it is about obamacare or something else. with bush it was the war in iraq. it doesn't matter. it drags the rest of the party down. and obamacare in particular is going to be one of the factors that hurts democrats. the problem still is, it doesn't all happen in a vacuum. this wouldn't be the only issue. republicans have blown opportunities to win the senate in the last two cycles when they legitimately should have taken the senate because of their inner-party fight. >> and the nominees this year. >> and so all of these things happen.
10:45 pm
this definitely is going to be one of the factors. it is a challenge for a democrat running for office this year in 2014, no doubt about it. >> not the nominees, the candidate, and tucker, the ads -- your thoughts in the wake of the popularity on obamacare, and the ads that we've seen come out already on the likelihood of the republicans taking control of the senate. >> well, the republicans can sure screw it up. but all things being equal i think the democrats are going to get creamed in the mid-terms. they're referendums on the president in power, just as joe said his numbers are foreboding, a bad sign for democrats. the other part is turnout. that is why the democrats spent so much money. they are not going to come out to vote because obama is not on the ballot.
10:46 pm
if you look at what happened, the disproportionate number of democrats. people who lost their insurance, disproportionate, republicans, you could say that was part of the plan. but the mad facts, are obama. >> joe, we've seen people struggle to find their message on obamacare. the ones who voted for it seem to be on board trying to get away from the voter, explain the voter. here is one, jean, from new hampshire, talking about if you can keep your doctor, your plan, well, here is her new take on it. >> at least for people who are willing to pay more that they have that option of going to their doctor and hospital, no matter what their insurer does. >> i mean, that can't be the new line, can it? >> no, look, i think what most democrats are going to do is say look, they're going to work to improve it. and try to localize the rates. they don't want this race to be national. it is in the republicans'
10:47 pm
interest to make it a national referendum on obama and obamacare, and a lot of issues they have with obama. by the way, that usually works. i agree with tucker. that is usually what dreamliners the midterm election. it is usually people who have a grievance that vote. people who are happy -- the voters that tend to turn out in presidential cycles is the only election they vote in. they don't have much interest in these mid-term elections. and they tend to fall off. those tend to be democrats. this is going to be a difficult environment for democrats. look, we had two cycles. i remember last cycle, african-americans and hispanics, they were not as excited. and young people were not as excited about obama the second time around. they were not going to turn out. they did. the democratic party --
10:48 pm
>> that was before the bad stuff when obamacare started to kick in, though, i mean, tucker, they kept away the bad stuff until after the presidential election and now we're living with it. >> they're going to try to do in 14, rather than 12, scare the heck out of the democratic base. you're going to watch a concerted effort from the white white house and congressional democrats to turn the conversation from obamacare, the pressing issue of the day to much more abstract issues like immigration. and the point being they don't like you because of your skin color, they're just unreasonable, be afraid, don't elect them or you're in trouble. they're going to get them out on fear. >> and the women's rights, all of that. i love the words, you can keep your plan as long as you pay more. and a shocking report a few weeks ago about security concerns with the health care website. up next, we'll see what has been done and why that matters. and if you have a story you want to share about your experience,
10:49 pm
go to and also follow me on twitter, and let me know what you think, hash tag, kelly file. [ male announcer ] at his current pace, bob will retire when he's 153, which would be fine if bob were a vampire. but he's not. ♪ he's an architect with two kids and a mortgage. luckily, he found someone who gave him a fresh perspective on his portfolio. and with some planning and effort,
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federal officials and the -- confident in the security of the obamacare website state there have been security attacks on our next guest says it should end with the word "yet." morgan wright is a ceo analyst, morgan, i get, you know, yet. but listen if you wanted to hack this website and sort of get in there and plant some malware or do something, why wouldn't they
10:54 pm
do it now? why shouldn't we feel warmed by the thought that they haven't gotten to it yet? >> well, look, when the senate report was released showing all the major agencies have been hacked, was no different, for political reasons they're trying to keep it tamped down because they want people to enroll. and when i testified, along with david kennedy, he just testified and reported that he was able to download over 70,000 personal records about enrollees in obamacare. >> what is still not secure? >> their names, and basically information. it didn't get into the information. none of that information should have been available. nobody should know, because it is health care, nobody should know who is enrolling and what their name is. >> what is the risk of people's private medical data getting compromised? because that, too, needed to go electronic thanks to obamacare. >> look, there is -- i tell you a big issue will be fraud, megyn, as they try to bill out the billing system. and they try and bill this out. health care fraud is one of the
10:55 pm
big areas that the fbi investigates year after year. the other thing, too, there is also medical impersonation. and if you actually go in to get health care benefits and go to the emergency room using somebody else's information, the issue with the health care information is the worst kind of information, if your information gets out and gets conflated with somebody else's information, you may end up with a fatal disease. you really don't have it. and that will affect everything and take a long time to unwind. >> on paper. >> right, on paper. >> before i let you go, the number one thing people can do to protect themselves. >> look, caveat emptor, you just need to be aware of what you're dealing with. make sure if you're on your personal computer, you're behind a personal firewall, use strong passwords. don't tell anybody your e-mail address or the password you use
10:56 pm
to enroll if you do that on line. don't give out information to strangers. >> all right, morgan, thank you. we'll be right back. so, i'm working on a cistern intake valve, and the guy hands me a locknut wrench. no way! i'm like, what is this, a drainpipe slipknot? wherever your business takes you, you can se money with progressive commercial auto. [ sighs ] [ flo speaking japanese ] [ shouting in japanese ] we work wherever you work. now, that's progressive. call or click today. life could be hectic. as a working mom of two young boys angie's list saves me a lot of time. after reading all the reviews i know i'm making the right choice. online or on the phone, we help you hire right the first time. with honest reviews on over 720 local services. keeping up with these two is more than a full time job, and i don't have time for unreliable companies.
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♪ ♪ to listen to me if you get health insurance ♪ there are no words, but if you find some, follow me on megyn kelly. let me know what you think. eyes nascar become too deaning russ? we will show you the new pilot program that could either cost the sport millions or be the most brilliant move ever. plus, how long did it take joe biden to fall asleep on the couch during the super bowl? >> 3.4 seconds. >> and finally a suicidal kangaroo threatening to jump to his death on live tv. how did it all end? stay tuned to find out. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> and now let's welcome our guest. she is so greek, she sleeps in a bed of humus. fox news contributor and one of my


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